Areola/3D Nipple Reconstruction Paramedical Tattooing - Every four seconds another woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.  Many will lose one or both breasts during their courageous fight against this disease.  The good news, however, is that the survival rate for early diagnosis is as high as 90%.  In all that turmoil, we are here to support you.  Natural Beauty helps to put lives back together after cancer in more ways than just the physical.  With caring, supportive, and knowledgeable staff we are here to help you transition from surgery recovery to regaining your beauty and confidence.


Areola/Nipple Reconstruction is for individuals who want more color in their areola area or have lost areola pigment due to surgical procedures such as: mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reduction, breast enlargement, breast lift, or male breast reduction.  Camouflage is also done to correct scarring after surgical procedures and give way to a more natural looking breast.           




The areola is an important part of the breast.  When it is scarred or missing it can be psychologically and emotionally devastating to a woman or a man.  With Permanent Cosmetics your areola can be enhanced or restored. Some women loose the color in the areola related to breast feeding and want to have that color put back in their breasts for a more appealing look while others just are not satisfied with the amount of color in the areola and would like them larger.  Whatever your reason may be, Areola/Nipple Reconstruction can make you feel normal or whole again.


Paramedical Cosmetics of the areola is safe for individuals that have breast implants.
Camouflaging of the areola can begin 6 months after the surgical procedure.  Several appointments may be needed to apply pigment to scar area.
During the consultation visit areola color, size and shape will be assessed.