In the city center of Patras, on Riga Fereou pedestrian area, you can find CosmeticTatau studio that impresses with its unique aesthetic and design that makes it look like an Art Gallery. The services offered here vary and - except Artistic Tattoo and Piercing - are all sophisticated - Semipermanent/Cosmetic / Medical / Paramedical tattoo - and some of them,  innovative and unique in Greece. Here is where our nest is, and the place where our passion found shelter!   T h a t   p a s s i o n   i s ,  w h a t    w e   i n v i t e   y o u   to   s h a r e   w i t h   u s . . .


In CosmeticTatau

                           each case is treated as a unique one, as of course it is. Our philosophy is that " Tattoo art is one more opportunity ", both in Artistic or Medical field.  Nowdays, tattoo features have reached another level and is much more than what we knew so far. Some applications do require experience and specialized knowledge. Having a vision, keep in touch with artists in other countries, doctors when is needed, actively participate in Symposia, Seminars and Workshops, we do hope, that very soon the general public and the medical community will be able to understand that this kind of art, as any art fortunately, has no limits at all ...


In people with diabetes or other chronic diseases (allergies, people with altschaϊmer, organ donors etc) Cosmetictatau offers for FREE Bracelet - Tattoos with the specifics of each individual. It is our obligation to the dissemination of the importance of tattoos in cases like this (and of course we do pray that someone will listen to us...).



We do accept  (for Tattoo session), people 18 years old  or older or younger persons with their parents.

Clarifications as eg. If diabetics or other special situations, can have a tattoo, are  given with responsible and reliable way from people with experience and knowledge without charge.

               C o s m e t i c T a t a u :  Call us for a  F R E E  consultation or book your appointment NOW  on 2610 270278 / (+30) 6936655761

CosmeticTatau →   Riga Fereou 153 str (& Kanari),  Patras,  26222,  GREECE