The series with the title  “AMPHITHYMIES-EPITHYMIES” is one comprising of three parts: the Creative, the Destructive and the Ultimate.

 The first two quite often appear intertwined or successive; they are notions inciting bewilderment regarding our genuine preferences, our choices, each time we have to make one, and what we are finally going to opt for. They are common issues we can’t fail to be concerned with, similar quests, splits, and cul-de-sacs no matter the line of latitude or longitude we live at.

 Creatures wavering  between desires, ambivalent creatures always faced with at least two options! One that can   move us forwards closer to our soul and another dragging us backwards to something unknown. And where are we? We stand in the middle, usually flirting with this “something else”, though it can be even more savage, thinking that we have already found our soul, got the better of it and even gone further.

 Just like the python in its evolution process sheds off its skin, throwing away anything old to continue its course of life invigorated, we too can reject all these useless and needless things that confuse and dazzle us, sparkling in a skin-deep fashion, thus inducing us to appropriate them; however, being unable to distinguish their heavy hoof we are finally destroyed by them.

 While creating the ceramic sculptures I found out that the well known -to most of the people- process was not enough. They had to evolve with me, but also exist on their own regardless of me and absorb by themselves the happy and the miserable, the beautiful and the ugly, the active, the indolent, the creative. They had to be fired again and again in ovens and traditional kilns as if the smoke, the soot and the fire burning ceaselessly day and night could bring me closer to them, lead me to thoughts I had never thought of before, as if they would help me see clearly what I deep down really want.

 What lies here in front of your eyes is the outcome of my own need to see more clearly my personal ways of finding truth. This is all I’ve been looking for as well as some beauty