About the artist

I was born in Patras, Greece in 1974 with Ayvalik origin and craftsman forefathers. As a teenager I attended painting and design lessons next to Mr. Angelopoulos and Mrs Tzavara and I also learned the art of making Holy Icons next to the  famous Greek Holy Icon  painter Mr. Triantafilidis.

 In my early youth while I was making more and more experiments on the combination of techniques and materials, studying and observing, I realized that every tool   felt  like a natural extension of me, something totally mine. 

So in   2000 I studied at the British Colleges and Art Schools: “The City Lit, Barnet College” and  “Crouch End Art School”. I grabbed grindstones, wood carving tools, tongs and   diamond cutters   and I lived totally immersed in graphic design, ceramics, wood carving, mosaic and stained glass when in   May 2001 I won a scholarship from "THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF GLAZIERS AND PAINTERS OF GLASS" society. I also took some jewel making and old furniture restoration lessons.

Back to Greece and after a period of studies and practice in marble carving next to the sculptor Mr. T. Kozokos I went in for an intensive practice in the potential and the various techniques of firing clay..

I am currently a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, acknowledged as an exceptional talent (following   the assessment of the EETE committee)

 Starting a new project I am talking to the famous tattoo artist, and friend of mine, Andrea Theodoropoulos (IRIS). Next to him, I discover the art of tattooing in order to use it in skins that will be putted in my sculptures. This knowledge led me, after some years in further research, by wondering how far the art of tattooing can really get me to. So I went to Berlin in Dermacontour Academy (Member: BFD, BABTAC, HWK & AAM) in Germany and specialized on Medical Tattoo. Now in order of updating the general public and the medical community I do seminars and Participate in Conferences (e.g., Oncology Nursing Conference).

 On December 2017 I was nominated by GIWA, Greece International Women Awards Organization in London that recognize Greek professional talent Worldwide, and be among finalists in Social Sciense Category for my professional achievements on Medical Tattoo

 I currently live in Patras with my husband Michalis and our daughter Selini for whom I wish she could discover the power and the beauty of the Tools of Art and Life as quickly as possible.